The "Montclima" project, as part of the Territorial Cooperation Program Interreg Sudoe, aimed at reinforcing the resilience of the mountain territories of the SUDOE through a transnational strategic framework based on the capitalization of previous successful projects of prevention and management of natural climatic risks (fires, droughts, floods, avenues and erosion).

In this context, in addition to a compilation and an exhaustive analysis of various projects (total of 77 projects and initiatives) and other sources of information, five relevant projects were selected to be targets of capitalization missions. These missions consisted of establishing in-person or online contacts with those responsible for the projects and/or other team members for each project, with the aim of knowing and understanding, in greater depth and confidence, some relevant aspects of those projects, such as:

- The main objectives, results and products;
- Methodology / approach used for project implementation;
- Good practices and tools for natural risk management and prevention;
- Transnational perspective on risk management(s);
- Dissemination and communication strategy, including the involvement of stakeholders;
- Capitalization and transferability actions carried out;
- Sustainability actions accomplished and continuing actions in the post-project period;
- Other meaningful information obtained during the mission, such as knowing the main difficulties faced in implementing the measures, as well as in obtaining results and transferring knowledge to the professionals and decision-making structures.

For each Capitalization Mission was elaborated a small document that helps to understand in greater detail the design and implementation of natural hazard management practices in the SUDOE region. Those documents (technical sheets) of these missions can be consulted here: